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PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay Free ##VERIFIED## ...

Like with most shows for young children, the episodes are usually self-contained, so that they can get into the show at any time, without having to see the previous episodes, and themes and topics can repeat themselves in the lessons that they try to instill in them. The stories usually start out casually, with the puppies just playing around and having no problem at all, when Ryder, the boy that leads the puppy team, either sees a situation where help is needed or gets notified about one by people all over the globe.The stories and the missions that the puppies go on usually take place around Adventure Bay, the main setting of the show, and all different aspects of nature are being visited, such as the ground, the forests, in the air, or underwater. After Ryder calls up the puppies through their special tags, they assemble at the Lookout, their main headquarters, where they go to the top floor, get in line, and await instructions from Ryder, who gives them the details they need to know about the mission they are about to embark on.Most of the time, the missions require only two of the pups, since not all of their skills are required, depending on the situation, and these first responder dogs are always up to the task. To start the mission, Ryder and the puppies go down their special slide, land in their custom vehicles, each made for their own role in the team, and they go and save the day. At the end of the day, when the situation has been handled, Ryder congratulates the pups, and encourages you to yelp for help, because the Paw Patrol is always ready to offer it!Missions through which the pups have gone through include saving a boat from sinking, fixing the broken bicycle of a young boy, searching for treasure, or saving a beaver dam that was washed away by the storm. They are always ready to save their friends, no matter what they are going through! Of course, they do have some downtime for themselves as well, such as when they race against one another to see who is the fastest puppy, or other competition such as baking cakes, or crazy things happen around the Lookout, such as when Marshall starts sleepwalking. There are always new adventures for the puppies, and they never get bored!

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay Free ...

When it comes to the human side of the cast, the main one, who has been there from the start, is certainly ten-year-old Ryder. He is the leader of the pack if you were to call it that, the one who gives the missions, makes the teams, and makes sure that everyone does their job and the day is saved. Later in the show, the most frequent caller of the Paw Patrol became a member of the team, and that is Cap'n Turbot, one of the best marine biologists in the world, who sails a boat called the Flounder.Without a doubt, the most recognizable of all the dogs is Marshall, a dalmatian who serves as the firefighter of the team, and sometimes also acts as a paramedic. The police officer and sometimes spy dog of the team is Chase, a German Sheppard, the best breed of dog that could take this role. Sometimes the team needs to build things, so they also have a construction expert, the one and only Rubble, who is a bulldog sporting a yellow cap all the time.Taking care of the environment through recycling is very important, and this is what Rocky wants to teach the children, with him being a mongrel who is sometimes also the handyman of the team, fixing anything that is broken. When a mission requires the pups to go underwater, there is no one better to explore it than Zuma, a Labrador retriever who is the rescue pup of the water.Girls have a place in the Paw Patrol as well, with the first one having been Skye, a cockapoo, the aviator of the team, who can easily fly a plane, a helicopter, or anything else as long as it is in the skies! Another girl who belongs to the team, but joined later, is Everest, a Siberian husky pup, who, because of her breed, is the one the team calls on when their mission is somewhere snowy or full of ice. 041b061a72


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