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Ten Ways to Distribute Your Thought Leadership Marketing Collateral

So you have an awesome white paper... now what?

At bloomly, our team of copywriters and graphic designers work together to create marketing content for our clients. When our clients hire a FAM, our team can also help distribute those assets to teams at Salesforce.

But sometimes, we're just hired to create the assets and it's up to our clients to distribute them to the people that matter. We put together a list of 10 ways to distribute your marketing assets to make sure you're getting the most out of them.

First, it's important to understand what the asset is and who it's for. Once you know who the audience is, you can tailor your distribution to those people based on how you typically communicate and how they receive information. Here's a list of common marketing assets we create, and who should get them.

Most Common Marketing Assets & Who Should Get Them

White Paper

What is it: an in-depth knowledge piece that shares your expertise and insights on a particular industry challenge

Who should get it: Customers are your primary audience here. They are the ones who are looking for answers to the challenges they have and, if they're lucky, they'll come across your white paper. You can also share white papers with Salesforce industry leaders, especially if you have proprietary data from a study or survey your company did.

Customer Success Story

What is it: a case study told in story format that outlines the problems, solutions, and outcomes of your engagement with a customer

Who should get it: Everyone! Kidding (sort of). We like to say that "customer stories are currency at Salesforce" and there is a reason for that. Customer stories serve multiple purposes. First, they make complex technical solutions easy for sellers to understand and relay to non-technical stakeholders. Second, they help connect your brand emotionally to business success outcomes - when you can show the journey your customers went on with you, it triggers a familiarity in the reader's brain. They experience the challenges and the victories right along with your client and can put themselves in their shoes.

Pricing Worksheet

What is it: a 1-page document outlining pricing for modular services or products you offer