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Preparing for Success - Align Your Partner Firm Using Salesforce’s V2MOM

One of my proudest moments was a quiet, offhand remark that wouldn’t even register to most people.

It happened a few years ago. I got on a call with the CEO of Bluewolf at the time and his executive assistant. They started asking me things, and explaining different issues they were having.

After a few minutes I interrupted.

“What are we trying to accomplish here?”

The CEO said, “Excellent, Kailey. Spoken like a true project manager.” And I beamed to myself.

Set aside your assumptions of what a project manager does for a minute, and think about the real reason they are put in place on any project.

They’re in place to keep the project moving forward.

Where to?

Towards the end of the project.

Now, the biggest question. The question I asked on that day a few years ago, that all project managers need to ask:

How do you know what the end of the project should look like?

How do you know what success looks like?

What are we trying to do here?

Some people call this the “North Star” and others call it vision. Whatever you want to call it, every project needs to have a clearly defined finish line. What are we trying to accomplish?

No matter the size of your project - it could be a short marketing campaign or a new business unit you want to get up and running - you need to have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.

Salesforce’s V2MOM Framework for Partners

One of the first activities a Partner Account Manager does with their partner’s alliance team is to complete a V2MOM.

The V2MOM is essentially a business plan on a page. Salesforce asks every employee to fill one out for themselves, and leaders set one for their teams each year.

This process provides clarity for the alliances team on both sides of the table. It helps each party understand each other’s goals, what they care about, how they plan to achieve their goals, and the biggest hurdles they expect to have to overcome.

V2MOM stands for:

Vision - the “North Star”, or what are we trying to accomplish here?

Values - what do you care about most?

Methods - what actions will you take to achieve your vision?

Obstacles - what will you need to overcome on the way?

Measures - what will you track to ensure you’re moving forward?

The simplicity of this framework is brilliant, because it forces both parties to focus and be very clear about their business plan for the year.

In a partnership, or alliance, this clarity allows both parties to support each other and ensure the time and resources they have are spent wisely.

Why Your SI or ISV Partner Firm Needs the V2MOM Framework

Whether you’re a new partner or you’ve been co-selling with Salesforce since the early 2000s, your alliance team needs to complete the V2MOM framework.

It is not busy work. It’s a targeted process that allows you to align with your Salesforce partner team immediately.

Plus, your partner management team will appreciate you putting in the effort to clarify your business plan for the year. It will help them get you in front of the right customers and the right internal industry teams, because they’ll know exactly what your plan is.

Additionally, the V2MOM framework ensures that you, your alliances team, your sales team, and your marketing team are all aligned around how you will go to market as a Salesforce partner firm.

When everyone on your team knows what they’re trying to accomplish, what actions they need to take, what’s being measured, and what they should care about, they will all work every day towards the vision with focus and precision.

And when you understand the obstacles in advance, you can come up with creative ways to resolve them, or even avoid them.

Clarity in the process ensures you’re working towards success.

Standing Out in the Partner Ecosystem

At bloomly, we talk a lot about “speaking the language of Salesforce”. The V2MOM is just one of those small things you can do to speak more clearly to your partner.

With the recent changes to the partnership levels - from metal statuses to Navigator badges - it’s even more important to be clear about how you will go-to-market as a Salesforce partner.

The V2MOM can and should include methods that you’ll use towards becoming the “partner of choice”, and obstacles that could prevent you from getting there.

Planning Light and Executing Hard