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Please enjoy this monthly spotlight on what our team is reading. At bloomly, we live our values. reading contributes to one of our core values: always learning

Kailey Whipple

Founder & CEO

Kailey is currently reading Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss. Kailey practices what she preaches, not only in business but in her personal life. She is constantly learning and growing. "Chris Voss tells an exciting story in each chapter. The ideas he shares are not just theoretical and proven by anecdotes from executives and students who've used the techniques. The stories are what make this book fun and enjoyable to read. Never Split the Difference is insightful into how people make decisions, and how to negotiate to win."

Randy Rodriguez

Executive Advisor

Randy is currently reading Is This Anything? by Jerry Seinfeld and Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. Randy is a fan of Jerry Seinfeld as he enjoys the comedy. Einstein's Dreams fictionalizes a young Albert Einstein who is troubled by dreams as he works on his theory of relativity in 1905. Each chapter explores a different dream in the young protégé's mind. Randy finds it fascinating to delve into the imagination of a young genius.

Kristen Barber

Client Operations Director

Kristen is currently on a 17 series bender, The Dresden Files. While she usually reads non-fiction historical novels, she recently pivoted to this captivating series. This mystery genre provides a mental break and appeals to the sarcastic-edged readers. She is currently on #5: Death Masks.

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