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How To Get Ezkeys Grand Piano V1.0.1 Serial Number

How to Get Ezkeys Grand Piano V1.0.1 Serial Number

Ezkeys Grand Piano is a software instrument that comes with a Steinway & Sons model D grand piano, sampled to perfection in a world-class recording studio. It is a great tool for composing, arranging and producing music with a realistic and expressive piano sound.

How to Get Ezkeys Grand Piano V1.0.1 Serial Number


To use Ezkeys Grand Piano, you need to authorize it with a serial number. The serial number is a unique code that identifies your product and allows you to activate it online. Depending on where you purchased Ezkeys Grand Piano, the serial number will be found in different places:

  • If you bought it from the Toontrack website, you can find it in your Toontrack account under My Products - Ezkeys.

  • If you bought it from a physical store, you can find it on your box or on your store receipt.

  • If you bought it from an online retailer, you can find it in your order email or on your account page on the retailer's website.

Once you have your serial number, you need to enter it in the authorization screen that appears when you first launch Ezkeys Grand Piano. You also need to enter your Toontrack account login information (email and password). If you don't have a Toontrack account yet, you can create one for free on the Toontrack website. After entering the required information, click on authorize and you're done!

If you have any problems with the authorization process, you can contact Toontrack support for assistance. They will help you resolve any issues and get you started with Ezkeys Grand Piano as soon as possible.

Ezkeys Grand Piano is not only a high-quality piano instrument, but also a powerful songwriting tool. It comes with a built-in MIDI library that contains hundreds of professionally played piano patterns and chords, covering various styles and genres. You can drag and drop these MIDI files into your DAW or use the smart transpose function to change the key and chord progression of any song. You can also use the chord wheel to explore different harmonic options and create your own custom chords.

Ezkeys Grand Piano also lets you customize the sound of the piano to suit your preferences and needs. You can choose from a selection of ready-made and user-controllable presets that range from standard to retro to experimental. You can also adjust the level of room reverb, compression, hammer, sustain pedal and release noises, as well as detune the piano for a more vintage or lo-fi vibe. You can even mix and match different sound sources from other Ezkeys products, such as electric pianos, organs or strings, to create your own hybrid sounds.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Ezkeys Grand Piano can help you create beautiful and inspiring music with ease and efficiency. It is compatible with all major DAWs and supports VST, AU and AAX formats. It is also very low on system resources and only needs 500 MB of RAM. You can download it from the Toontrack website or order it as a boxed version. To get started with Ezkeys Grand Piano, you just need a serial number and a Toontrack account.



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