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Inazuma Eleven is a Japanese animation television series based on Level-5's video game series of the same name. The animated series was produced by OLM under the direction of Katsuhito Akiyama and consists of 127 episodes.

Inazuma Eleven Episode 115

The first 26 episodes were formerly available in the United States on Hulu. The first three episodes can also be freely viewed via the Nintendo 3DS eShop, which were released alongside the North American release of the first video game.

The episode starts with Raimon going back to their school but it was foggy. There they are surprised by a group of cloak figures, then what surprised them the most was when they removed their cloaks and is revealed to be none other than their old teammates and friends. They call themselves the Dark Emperors and wants a challenge against Raimon. It was revealed that they used the power of the Aliea Meteorite to be really strong.At first, Endou did not want to have a match against them. Kidou stated that they will gain nothing by fighting them. Endou gives his hand to Kazemaru but Kazemaru pushes it away stating that they want a match against Raimon. Endou looks at Coach Hibiki and Endou agrees to have a match.

The episode starts with Inazuma Japan practicing and Toramaru showing off his skills. Afterwards, their coach; Kudou Michiya states that they have enough practice but Midorikawa objected though he learned his lesson during the last match and had to rest. Endou Mamoru goes to Tobitaka Seiya and asks if he has also rested with the other teammembers to which Tobitaka states that he prefers to do it alone. Fudou Akio comes in and both Tobitaka and Fudou seemed to almost have a fight but was stopped by Endou.

The episode begins with the Red Team running on the path to Heaven's Garden in order to save Rika. While staying at Heaven's Garden's palace, Rika tries to find a way to escape. She attempts to do so by going out of the window, however she stops because of the height. Ekadel then enters the room, noticing that Rika is awake. Rika then gets scared as he notices the open window, however he closes it and says that the morning breeze isn't good for her health. Enolel and Sakinel then enter the room with a tray of food, which Ekadel explains that it's Rika's breakfast. She is hesitant to eat at first but then gives in and enjoys the food. Ekadel then tells Rika to come with them to the purification room once she has finished eating to change into her demon bride clothes.While Sein is looking at a mural somewhere in the palace, Winel comes in and tells him that the revival of the demon lord has finally come. Sein then questions why their ancestors used soccer to settle their battles with the demons. Upon the Red Team's, Elfel comes in and tells Sein that they have guests. As the Red Team finally arrives at Heaven's Garden, Winel states that they can't start the ritual with them interfering. When the Red Team sees Sein and his accomplices, Sein declares to them that they should leave in which they refuse. Sein then explains that Rika is to be wed to the demon lord, which shocks the Red Team. After arguing, Tenkuu no Shito and the Red Team have a soccer match. 041b061a72


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