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To facilitate the use of advanced fault diagnosis analysis and design techniques to industrial sized systems, there is a need for computer support. This paper describes a Matlab toolbox and evaluates the software on a challenging industrial problem, air-path diagnosis in an automotive engine. The toolbox includes tools for analysis and design of model based diagnosis systems for large-scale differential algebraic models. The software package supports a complete tool-chain from modeling a system to generating C-code for residual generators. Major design steps supported by the tool are modeling, fault diagnosability analysis, sensor selection, residual generator analysis, test selection, and code generation. Structural methods based on efficient graph theoretical algorithms are used in several steps. In the automotive diagnosis example, a diagnosis system is generated and evaluated using measurement data, both in fault-free operation and with faults injected in the control-loop. The results clearly show the benefit of the toolbox in a model-based design of a diagnosis system. Latest version of the toolbox can be downloaded at (C) 2017, IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) Hosting by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Bus driver simulator 2018 Crack CD Key Download Free For PC


With the development of new powertrain concepts the need for evaluation will increase, and an interesting question is how to utilize new developments in dynamometer technology together with new possibilities for connecting equipment. Here a pedal robot is developed to be used in a vehicle mounted in a chassis dynamometer and the setup is used for co-simulation together with a moving base simulator that is connected with a communication line. The results show that the co-simulation can become a realistic driving experience and a viable option for dangerous tests and a complement to tests on a dedicated track or on-road tests, if improvements on the braking and the vehicle feedback to the driver are implemented.


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