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Multi Tool Mod

After manual saving/reloading, multi-tools found in space stations and planets may change their models or types, but not class or number of slots (for pistols it can't be more than 18; Small Rifles (also known as SMG) max at 20; Large Rifles max at 30).[1][2]

Multi Tool Mod

Each star system has 21 total multi-tool models, divided evenly into C, B, and A Class pools. One of each class of Multi-Tool is associated with the Space Station and 1 of 6 planets, regardless of whether the system contains less. Saving and loading on the surface of a planet switches the pool from which cabinets in-system pick Multi-Tools. Using a Base Teleport Module, a Portal, or warping into a system also counts as loading and changes the tool-pool.

Multi-tools come in a wide range of potencies. The specifications used to describe the potency of a Multi-tool are organized into Class and Type, number of Inventory Slots, the values of Class Bonuses, and figures for Damage Potential and Scanner Range.

Class is a category that dictates the strength of Class Bonuses. There are four classes, from weakest to strongest: C, B, A, and S. The Class Bonuses for a Class C Multi-tool are typically zero, but some models have bonuses in the teens. The Class Bonuses for a Class B Multi-tool are typically less than or equal to ten, but some models have bonuses in the twenties or thirties. The Class Bonuses for a Class A Multi-tool are typically in the teens, but some models have bonuses in the thirties. The Class Bonuses for a Class S Multi-tool are atypical, with models having bonuses ranging from zero to one-hundred. To upgrade its class, you can go to the Multi-Tool Upgrade Station on space stations and use nanites to upgrade it, similar to a spaceship.

Inventory slots are used for technology and technology companion units; they cannot store resources. Each Multi-tool has a set number of inventory slots. Similar to the Exosuit and starship inventory, new slots can be purchased for units. The slots have no effect on the Multi-tool other than allowing more or less technology to be installed on it. The minimum number of Multi-Tool inventory slots is 9 and the maximum is 60.

Class Bonuses are bonuses to Damage, Mining, and Scanning values, given as percentages, with higher being better. These bonuses are static and do not change. The lowest bonus values are 0% and the highest are 100%. Damage bonus increases the damage dealt by Multi-tool weapons such as the Mining Beam. Mining bonus increases the speed with which resources are mined. Scanning bonus increases the radius of the area covered by the Scanner's quick-scan function.

Damage Potential displays the Multi-tool's damage output, equal to the damage output of its most effective weapon. The white bar reflects the base damage output of the most effective weapon plus bonuses from its upgrades. The yellow bar reflects the Damage Class Bonus. Both bars will increase in length as more powerful weapons are installed and upgraded. The Multi-tool you possess will also display a numeric value indicating the damage output of the most effective weapon. It reflects the combined data of both bars in numerical form, therefore it too will increase as the Multi-tool gains more powerful weapons and weapon upgrades.

Scanner Range displays the Multi-tool's current Scanner radius. The white bar reflects the base radius of the device plus bonuses from Scanner upgrades. The yellow bar reflects the Scanner Class Bonus. Both bars will increase in length as the Scanner is upgraded. The Multi-tool you possess will also display a numeric value indicating the current radius, in units distance, of quick scans. It reflects the combined data of both bars in numerical form, therefore it too will increase as the Scanner is upgraded.

The Multi-tool is an exploration aid and as such it offers a variety of functions. There are three pieces of technology that come installed on all purchased Multi-tools and these represent the primary uses of the tool: Analysis Visor, Mining Beam, and Scanner. However, operation of the Multi-tool is broken into a variety of methods. It is logical to categorize the functions of the Multi-tool by how it is operated rather than by its uses.

Scanning tools are different from the other tools in that they can be used anywhere and at any time. You are prevented from drawing your Multi-tool while indoors, but the scanning tools operate without drawing and therefore may be used in more situations.

There are a variety of beams and projectiles which the Multi-tool can emit. They are often called "weapons". Only one weapon may be selected for use at a time. The selected weapon is displayed in the Weapon Indicator, which is part of the user interface while an avatar is on foot. It is found in the upper right corner of the screen, where there is a bar with two boxes beneath it. The Weapon Indicator itself is the box on the right and also includes the dots to the right of the box. The selected weapon is named in the box. The dots indicate how many weapons are installed and which number is selected.

Sean Murray said in an interview with GamesRadar, "In a lot of sci-fi games, all their weapons are basically AK-47s with some red stripes down the side. We don't like that; we want something that feels advanced and cool. So you have this multitool, which is a little bit like a tricorder." [3]

DEFUNCT. You are free to use these files to spin off your own mod if you wish.Makes starship, multi-tool and exosuit upgrades at the Space Station and drop pods free. Add Freighter slots free. Adds drop scanner options to find Crashed Starships, Multi-Tool, Drop Pod, Portal and Library locations.

This instructable is about installing a small lock picking tool selection into a common military issued Gerber Multi-Tool. The reason I made this is because there was a file that had broken off of my Multi-Tool a long time ago (that I never used anyways) so I thought I would install a more useful tool(s) in the empty void that was left. A total of 3 lock picks and 1 tension tool all fit where 1 metal file was installed from the factory! This lock picking tool selection is the basics you need to get into most locks.

It's time to pick what handle you want your new tool selection to go into. When you have picked; you need to undo the tool selection retaining fastener. Some have hex heads or require a special tool to get off like mine.. Which I Dident have so I used needle - nose pliers. In the 2nd picture of this step you will notice all of the tools laid out. The small one at the very bottom is all that is left of the file after it broke. I will replace this broken piece with my lock pick selection.

That's it! 100% functional compact lock picking kit installed in an already handy multitool by replacing one unused tool. Now you can breach a door by non destructive means! Stay legal. *The picks are manufactured by Southhord.

Do the picks lock into place in the Gerber while in use or do they have play? I know they need to have that flat side to them but couldn't tell if you did that. Great job by the way. I took the tools I use and put them on one side then made a LED light with small battery on the other.

Multitool is a pickup item that, when picked up and as long as there are Multitools available, replaces the Key sprite in the HUD. The Multitool can be used by pressing the [DROP] Key next to any kind of closed door or chest, not necessarily requiring a key to open, including Challenge rooms' doors, Secret rooms, uncleared rooms' doors, spiked chests and so on and so forth.Multitool cannot open Mausoleum's door, Red room doors, Mega Satan's door, Boss Rush and Hush.

No Man's Sky has everything you would expect from a game set in outer space: starships, space exosuits, aliens, quintillions of planets, star systems, and a vast amount of out-of-this-world species and materials. Like any game that relies on exploration, it provides players with a tool that will help them with specific tasks; in No Man's Sky's case, that role goes to the Multi-Tool. You can use the Multi-Tool for a wide array of things: scanning, as a weapon, for mining and collecting resources, and for terraforming the land.

The multi-tool is an integral part of a player's travel through the infinite universe in No Man's Sky, but with the Origins update, they can be changed. This update has changed many aspects of the game for the better and this part is no exception. These multi-tool upgrades will improve the laser, projectile, grenade, scan, or all four.

Upgrades require the player to go out and find companion units. Players can also create their own companion units after finding blueprints. These allow the player to install technology onto their multi-tool via the open slot. Players can also find or buy new special multi-tools.

Players can find the blueprints for companion units while they travel in damaged machinery and inside of structures. However, players cannot add more inventory slots to their multi-tools unless they change the class of the multi-tool. The more inventory slots available, the more companion units the player can add to their multi-tool. If a player requires more inventory slots on their multi-tool they should look into purchasing one with more slots. The maximum number of slots on any multi-tool being 24.

The player will need to also upgrade the class of their multi-tool to be able to unlock and use certain upgrades. The classes available are A, B, C, and S. S class being the absolute best. With this update players now have access to black-market upgrades. Black market upgrades are considered a new class of mods, X class. Black market upgrades can be purchased from new NPCs with the update. Players will have to purchase these upgrades with no idea what they might be as they are just labeled as "suspicious packages." Some of these upgrades include.

This upgrade affects the fauna analysis reward, flora analysis reward, and scan radius. The mod gives the multi-tool 1,767% more fauna analysis reward, 1,506% more flora analysis reward, and a 9% larger scan radius. 041b061a72


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