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Where To Buy Brisket To Smoke

We sell a large amount of briskets at my Meat Market, so when someone walks in and wants to buy a brisket to smoke, we have a large inventory on hand for them to choose from. The customers always walk away with a smile on their face and are eager to throw the brisket on the smoker!!

where to buy brisket to smoke

I LOVE beef brisket. It might honestly be one of my favorite cuts of beef to eat and definitely the most rewarding to smoke. The process of smoking a full brisket is long, but believe me when I say it is completely worth it. Since it is such a time-intensive smoke, I want to you be completely prepared and confident before you even turn on that grill.

I began writing about Barbecue & Grilling in 1997 with one mission, to help the backyard chef have the best experience possible. Whether it is deciding which grill or smoker to buy or how to get that perfect steak, this is why this site exists. Join me and be the best outdoor cook you can be.

The go-to guide for perfect Smoked Brisket every time. Use our seven step guide, from selecting, trimming and how to smoke it. A Smoked Whole Brisket Recipe can be perfected by following some key steps. You may want to save this one as a favorite because you will come back to it.

Instead of focusing on a smoked brisket recipe with exact instructions, I think it better to layout the key components of how attention to detail and the actual cut of will help you navigate how to cook one on your specific smoker. And while we dared to add a recipe below, remember the variables that all go into amazing tender smoked brisket.

Most importantly the marbling of the entire cut is going to dictate a large part of the cooking experience. In order to get that rendering for a juicy tender meat morsel, you have to make sure that the brisket you are buying is of the highest quality you can afford with marbling.

Because as your brisket cooks over many hours, what you are trying to achieve is the art of slowly rendering those fat pockets, causing the melted flavor to lubricate or moisturize the surrounding cells in the smoked brisket.

Preheat the smoker to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (F) with both lump charcoal and wood. We use fruit woods for brisket for a sweeter flavor. Insert a remote thermometer probe into the flat of the brisket, it is leaner and the more important part of the brisket to monitor while cooking. The temperature for smoking perfect brisket is 250 degrees F for slowly rendering fat. At 225 it takes longer than we prefer and it has no material difference in flavor or texture.

The most common feedback we give people is to be patient and wait for that soft butter-like feeling. We find most people get nervous and want to pull at an exact temperature. The range a brisket can be done will range anywhere from 195 degrees F to 215 degrees F. Trust the probe and keep checking every 15 minutes until you get that feel.

For best results, the most important step after cooking is to slice against the grains of the brisket. This is true especially for the flat cut because the muscles are in different directions than the point. Start with a long carving knife.

Generally plan 60 minutes for every pound of smoked brisket, including the rest (or hold temperature), when cooking at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The total length of the cook can be anywhere from 8 hours to 16 depending on the size of the cut. It is normal that every brisket you cook will vary in time.

What you likely purchased was a portion of the brisket flat. An entire packer brisket is at least 12 pounds and the flat is often what you see in many butcher cases. We have a brisket flat guide you can follow with slightly different cooking times and steps. -brisket-flat/

My first brisket on an offset. I was very impressed with the result! I chose not to wrap, but to keep it uncovered for the 10 hours it took to get to 195. At that point, the meat was tender with a pen thermometer, so I pulled it. Very happy, thank you!

Hi Mary thanks so much for the recipe, my husband is going to make brisket for my Birthday this August when we can all socialize again with my family. Could you please advise me which brand of brisket carving knife you recommend? Thanks and much appreciated! Have a great day!

If you would like to keep the brisket whole, you should know that after about 5 hours of smoking the entire brisket (after trimming) will shrink as the moisture cooks out. I might recommend taking small trims around the flat area. You can use the meat for chili or grinding. Then you can likely get the whole thing in the smoker. Tuck the flat up a bit to close and as it cooks out it will shrink. You may also have more cooking time. With less airflow with the size of the brisket relative to your cooker, just plan a few extra hours of cooking.

Question !I purchased a packer brisket.from Costco with Point & Flat together, but the brisket is to big to fit in the smoker. Should I cut the brisket in half between the Point & the Flat and place the probe in the point section to monitor the internal temperature of the brisket. It is a 16 lb. Brisket, what would be the best temperature to smoke my Brisket.

Royce, great question, yes you can absolutely do that. However, treat each as a separate roast. The point will cook faster and frankly you have a great opportunity to smoke it, then cube it up and smoke again with sauce for burnt ends (we have a recipe). So I would check the temperature of each and pull when you like the texture of each versus just reading the temperature of just one. Feel free to email too if more questions.

There are many ways to pull off a brisket and lower temp can certainly be one of them, but if you buy a well marbled brisket you can run hotter and not sacrifice tenderness. But yes, if you run lower temp, it will take longer to get the end product.

You cannot mess up a.brisket following these instructions. I would caution that when wrapping using butcher paper to be more cautious with keeping track of temperature. Using aluminum foil keeps the juice inside which an overcooked brisket will benefit from. You can always firm up the bark with a hot grill or torch.

Is there a benefit to separating the flat cut (thin part) as it cooks quicker? Or is it best to leave the whole brisket when cooking? My observation is that the thinner portion will get to temp much quicker than the thick section. This is a significant amount of the meat and is it best to separate and remove manage it differently?

Mike a great question. We separate when we do burnt ends because as you noted they do cook at different rates. However, if doing a smoked brisket packer, we leave together and really judge our cook time based on the flat. The point can handle more heat and even overcook slightly. You can separate if you want and as you noted, you will likely pull them off at separate times. You can leave them in a cooler as well to keep warm and let rest.

Candy, For reheating brisket, we like to take the finished and cold brisket, and then wrap in foil with a touch of beef stock. We then cook in the oven at 325 to warm it up. The stock will help with moisture and keeping the texture. No need to re-smoke if you finished it yesterday.

Mike if the liquid sat on the bottom and the more stringy portion was where the liquid was, then likely it braised the meat, pushing it through to a faster cooking temp than the top portion not sitting in the liquid. Another option is to make your spritz that same liquid mix and spray it throughout and then heavily when you wrap it too. Thanks for the feedback!!!

I did a brisket this past weekend and cooked it to an internal temp of 202. What I got was basically chipped beef. It was impossible to cut without shredding. Is it just because my knife sucks or are there other ways to prevent this? I figured I would try only cooking to 200 next time. Any suggestions?

Nuzzi, question, do you recall what type of brisket you bought? Was it USDA rated? Also the slicing helps, so slicing against the grain. Lastly, was the point and the flat both fall apart soft? Every brisket can be different, and some can even come off done at 190. Especially leaner briskets like Select.

Rob, great question. In the end, we place the brisket in our cooker so the fatty side points toward the hotter part of the smoker. This fat layer sits atop the point typically and acts as a shield. So in the offset, the heat comes from the bottom up. For the BGE the hotter side is heat coming down. So we adjust our fatty side to point toward the hotter part of the cooker. Let us know how the brisket comes out!!

I would also try adding the probe to your flat meat, and then if you have a Thermapen or other instant read thermometer to check the point. No matter what, keep pushing. We have brisket fails still, some pulled too soon, some pulled just an hour too late. You start to dial in over time, and can always use the leftovers for chili!!

Scott, is it a brisket flat only, or is it a whole brisket? Have you taken temperature in a few locations? 153 seems high for only two hours in. You can pull back the heat to 225 if you would like. But first I would be sure the thermometer is calibrated. If it is a brisket flat only they can cook a little faster.

I try to stay at about 225 degrees, use 3 thermometers and consider the average of readings to see how close I stay at 225. Put it on a rack over a bakers pan to collect all juice. Put apple juice in the tray to start. Once an hour use a turkey baster to mop the top. Also a second bowl inside with beer to keep humidity at 100% all the time. Baste once per hour. After 4 hours flip top to bottom, Cook 4 more hours. Seal with foil, then about 3 more hours until meat thermometer says about 165 to 170. Wrap with foil and let rest for 24 hours at room temp. Make bbq sauce with drippings. Slice very thin. Warm up slices in ziplock bag in sink with very hot water. Warm up bbq sauce on stove top. Combine to make sandwiches or dinner plates. Then chunk up the remainder, seal a meal and freeze for later. I do 12 lb briskets. Keep run simple, say Weber beef steak rub is plenty good! 041b061a72


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