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The Best Naruto Fan Game Ever? Rise of Shinobi Mod APK Review

Same shinobi, same server, with ORIGINAL icons.Shinobi MMO is a game based on the Oriental universe. The best open world 2D rpg game from the playstore.You can become a great warrior by being able to explore different continents, find secret villages, progress in ranks, as well as being able to attack or ally yourself with other players!You can choose an element that suits you, have exclusive items and enviable outfits.In addition the game has riding systems, pets, summons, guild, party and more! Everything so that you have a greater immersion in the game.What are you waiting for? Choose from 5 classes and start your journey.The game also has a wide range of quests, allowing you to make a pact with a type of animal, fighting tailed beasts together with other friends on the server!Events separated by level and pvp events performed personally by GMsIf bugs are found, we would appreciate if they are illustrated emails with screenshots to our email. For anime fans like naruto!The game is balanced monthly and with more than 1 year of operation, we plan to continuously improve the game.Any suggestions are extremely welcome.New to the game? Join the Discord community through the game to find out what's going on and how to play it.Credits: -and-attributions.html

Players must spend money to take part in multiplayer races. In this mode, the coins will be earned for free over time or can be purchased for actual money. You can also earn while practicing in machine races. Gamers will earn experience points by completing the race. And once they reach level three, the system unlocks a power-up card. We can activate these cards before each race and affect current strength during a match. For example, a shield card makes the shield usually rise to draw two shots instead of one while racing.

rise of shinobi mod apk

The game features fast-paced shinobi action. You will have to use your reflexes and skills to avoid enemy attacks and counter with powerful combos of your own. The game also features a variety of adversaries, each with its unique abilities.

News of this turn of events reaches the Fourth Division's location with Gaara leading the attack as Madara counters with a widespread fire technique, which is countered by the combined usage of Water Formation Wall by several shinobi. Moving on to general melee attacks, given free reign by Kabuto, Madara wreaks havoc on the Fourth Division, prompting Ōnoki to raise the ground below him to force him into Naruto's Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan.

Ōnoki decides to take on both Madara and Mū with the assistance of the remaining Fourth Division. Tsunade and A decide to head to Madara's location through Mabui's Heavenly Transfer Technique, a technique that only transports objects as transporting a living being would surely rip them apart. However, Tsunade decides to take the gamble using her Yin Seal: Release. Shikaku telepathically communicates to Genma to have him, Raidō and another Konoha shinobi to perform the Flying Thunder God Technique to transport Mei to Madara's location as well after Chōjūrō incapacitates Black Zetsu with a single slash. The three Kage arrive at the battlefield and prepare to fight Madara.

Naruto states they won't hand over the Eight-Tails and the Nine-Tails. B questions if the jinchūriki had their tailed beasts removed, and the Eight-Tails concludes that they must have been resealed, as it can sense them in their hosts, though different. B begins attacking despite Naruto's call to wait. B attacks Fū with Samehada, but she dodges it by flying. B launches his swords coated in lightning chakra from her blindspot, but she dodges it as the other jinchūriki watch the two. B wonders how she could dodge from a blindspot, so Naruto tells him about the Rinnegan's shared field of vision. Rōshi coats himself in lava and attacks Naruto, who narrowly evades it, the heat burning his cheek. Yugito launches her guided attack, and clashes with B, cutting his scarf. B and Naruto take cover, and B is surprised by her speed, and the Eight-Tails points out that the Sharingan allows them to react faster, while the Rinnegan coordinate attacks. Naruto tells B and the Eight-Tails about the Paths of Pain and the black receivers. B points one in Yugito's chest, from a hit he landed earlier. Naruto goes in the open and tries destroying a receiver in Rōshi while being attacked, but is stopped by Han. The Eight-Tails says that the forest will hinder their field of vision, so B transforms into the Eight-Tails to level the forest.

B devastates the forest, also knocking down the other jinchūriki. At the Allied Shinobi HQ, Ao detects that B has transformed into the Eight-Tails. Inoichi receives updates on the Kage holding Madara back. Shikaku requests other divisions' statuses, and learns that the First and Second Divisions are almost done with their enemies, the Third only has one more reincarnated shinobi to seal, and the Fifth has the advantage on their fight. Shikaku orders that as soon as they're done, that they go back up B and Naruto, and asks their coordinates. Naruto notes that the jinchūriki are down, and the Eight-Tails urges B to seal them. B spits out ink clones, which proceed to lock them in place.

The Four-Tails tosses the Eight-Tails on the ground, and keeps forcing its mouth shut with Naruto in it while the Nine-Tails watches on. Guy wants to save Naruto, but Kakashi points out their own unfortunate situation between two attack fronts: the Six-Tails' corrosive gas and the other jinchūriki's chakra arms. Kakashi creates a shadow clone and slices through the arms, while Guy punches and burns the gas away. The Eight-Tails wraps its tentacles around the Four-Tails, telling it to let go of Naruto. The Eight-Tails tells the Nine-Tails it heard that it helped Naruto against Madara, the Nine-Tails saying it won't wag its tails to help its jinchūriki as easily as the Eight-Tails. The Eight-Tails questions if it doesn't care at all about what happens to Naruto. The Nine-Tails recalls how many shinobi in the past have restrained it and denied it an identity. The Four-Tails closes its mouth. Naruto meets the Four-Tails, bound by chains. It asks if Naruto is there to take its power, and demands to be called by its proper name, making a boisterous introduction. Naruto apologises for not listening to Son Gokū, which impresses it. Naruto and Son Gokū discuss issues of recognition, identity, and existence. The Four-Tails laughs when Naruto says he's jealous of how B and the Eight-Tails are with each other, before seeing Naruto is serious about it. Considering Naruto to be a better sight than Tobi, Son Gokū offers to help Naruto if he can undo the chains that bind it.

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Ōnoki attacks Madara Uchiha with a giant rock golem, which Madara destroys, creating several flowers. Tsunade recognises the technique as her grandfather's. Gaara suspends the Kage above the attack, Ōnoki levitating A. The flowers begin releasing a toxic pollen. Kabuto Yakushi muses on how people who heard of Hashirama Senju's strength consider it a myth, just like the Sage of Six Paths, and that he'll show everyone that this is real. Dodai, Genma, and Raidō give chase to Mū. Having steered the Kage's attention towards the flowers, Madara uses Susanoo to knock them down from behind, throwing them at the flowers, and proceeds to set the forest ablaze. Mei tries putting out the fire, but collapses due to the pollen, as do the other Kage. Ōnoki thinks back to his youth, talking to the First Tsuchikage about the strong will of Iwa shinobi. Ōnoki musters enough strength to destroy the flowers and injure Madara. The other Kage regain conciousness just in time to see the face formed from the DNA of the First Hokage's face in Madara's chest. Kabuto gushes on how Orochimaru's creation allowed him to create the ultimate trump card. Elsewhere, Sasuke Uchiha detects someone in the woods nearby. Taking out his sword, he goes investigate, only to be shocked at seeing Itachi Uchiha.

Madara tries immolating Tsunade, but is stopped by Mei, who also attacks. A and Ōnoki deal a heavy blow just as Tsunade lands a powerful kick, sending Madara crashing down. Madara concedes that Tsunade isn't as weak as he thought. Madara reminds her that she'll get herself killed if she simply rushes into battle, the Kage's source of treatment and recovery. Madara wonders what Hashirama left them, saying they're nothing compared to Hashirama, and that if he had known how weak they'd be, he'd have taught Hashirama how to rise from the dead. He says the only power Hashirama left is clinging to him, and that his own brother only left him his eyes and their power. Tsunade asks if he heard nothing of what she said. Madara says the only thing that could be passed to them is hatred.

Kabuto then remembers his first meeting with Orochimaru while aiding the wounds of several Konohagakure shinobi, declining the offer of being a shinobi. Nonō is later approached by Danzō Shimura, Orochimaru and an Aburame shinobi, who blackmail her into undertaking an intelligence gathering mission based on the intel they had received that Iwagakure was planning a big attack. Taking Kabuto along with them to replace a dead Root member, the young man was sent on several spy mission in different hidden villages inclusive of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. On a mission in Iwagakure, his cover was blown and as he attempted to escape he was confronted by an Iwa-nin. Kabuto attacked the ninja with his chakra scalpel severely wounding his would-be assassin, revealed to be Nonō to his horror. When Nonō did not remember him as he attempted to heal her, a shocked Kabuto ran off and left her as Kitsuchi and another Iwa-nin approached them. Devastated that she did not remember him and wondering who he was, Kabuto is once again approached by Orochimaru who states that Kabuto had become quite the shinobi.

Elsewhere, Itachi then commands Kabuto to use the hand seals he had just stated to end the Impure World Reincarnation. Sasuke uses this time to state his resolve to Itachi and that he will destroy the village because of what it did to him before bidding farewell to Itachi. As the technique is released, the reincarnated shinobi from all-over the battlefield begin to deconstruct. Upon seeing this, a battered Naruto and B thanks Itachi and uses it as motivation to wrap things up with Tobi as well. Before being completely decommissioned, Itachi heads towards his little brother with his hand outstretched, stating that he could still make it.


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