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Joshua Cox
Joshua Cox

Buy Vinyl Online Canada

Celebrating 35 years of one of the greatest labels ever with Rough Trade Exclusive vinyl from Nirvana, CSS, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Postal Service and Orville Peck.

buy vinyl online canada

Presto Classical has a solid selection of classical records up for grabs. You can browse its general selection, or narrow down your search by era (like Renaissance or Baroque), by music type (Opera or Chamber), or by awards won. In the store, you can purchase vinyl directly, and even add others to your Wishlist to purchase later on.

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I wish your shop carries Oracal 970RA and Oracal 975.Whoever works at the storage department needs a raise. He did so great job. I have also bought at Metrorestyling. The vinyl will always come with scratches. I have watched the warehouse people did the jobs. They thew the vinyl in the box without cares. Your shop is the first on the list if you have the vinyl in stock!May have to expand to carry Oracal 970RA, Hexis, and KPMF vinyl.

I used 3M 2080 in gloss black to wrap the aluminum window trim on my X5. First time wrapping anything with vinyl. Results are impressive. The 2080 is a quality product. It's easy to use and very forgiving. Take your time, follow the directions and use a sharp blade. I would buy this product again but wouldn't use Canada Post for shipping. It's a garbage service.

I think the quality of this is top notch. But I have not learned the technique yet. I break it before it starts cutting the vinyl. If I get lucky and get it to start cutting the vinyl, then it will cut all the way with precision and a very clean cut. Practice, practice, practice! 041b061a72


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