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Christmas In Angel Falls(2017)

Gabby gets a job as the volunteer coordinator at the church. They set her up with an apartment in town. While moving in the fire chief and friend of the pastor, Jack, surprises her to fix the sink. The two actors have good chemistry but IDK about an angel romance, ya know?!

Christmas in Angel Falls(2017)

I mean it was cute but I have so many questions. What was the point of her being an angel? Is she still an angel? Is she going to grow old? Wasn't the issue with the community center money? How did she fit that many winter coats into one suit case?

Guardian angel Christmas film, only this time the angel falls in love. Gasp! Yet another fine Hallmark film that is given big bonus points for the presence of smooth Beau Bridges. Although somewhat minimal I have a soft spot for these films with a touch of fantasy about them and angel intervention definitely counts.

Romance starring Rachel Boston, Paul Greene and Beau Bridges. Sparks fly when angel Gabby is charged with injecting Christmas spirit into a dowdy town and teams up with the local volunteer fire chief.

In the sequel, Lilley plays Hannah, a book editor who unexpectedly reunites with Ryan (Carlo Marks), a childhood nemesis whose life and career she's quietly envious of. Through a variety of circumstances, Hannah and Ryan -- who recently lost his parents -- are forced to work together to help a potential writer find her way. And during the course of their time spent working alongside each other, guardian angel Anthony (Eric Close) reminds them about the holiday spirit and the value of community.

Gabby Messinger (Rachel Boston - A Rose for Christmas) is a guardian angel whose love of romance often sees her bending the rules to play matchmaker, despite being warned by Angel Michael DAngelo (Beau Bridges - Flight of the Reindeer). It is Michael who sends her on her next mission to the community of Angel Falls which since the mill closed down has lost its Christmas spirit. Now the town no longer celebrates with the Christmas pageant and potluck cancelled whilst the shop owners often employ someone to do the Christmas decorating of their shops rather than do it themselves. Having got a job working at the church Gabby befriends Jack Avery (Paul Greene - A Wish for Christmas), a volunteer fireman, handyman and owner of a hardware store. The lack of Christmas spirit doesn't deter Gabby who enlists Jack's help in repairing the community centre so the pageant can be put back on. But working with Jack causes Gabby to feel conflict especially when she succeeds in doing what her mission was.

The 'angelic' (wink, wink) Gabe tries his best to teach Ally the magic of Christmas, and set her back on. the right track to win back Josh - but if he's not careful, he might just fall in love with her himself.

After returning from the city of angels, many students are still processing the experience, but some have already made plans to take action. After seeing the writers of the TV Land show Teachers (who are also the cast) working at Sunset Gower, several of the students on the trip have committed to producing a web series over the course of the spring semester. Another student had said before the trip she was fairly certain she would move to Chicago after graduating. Two days into the trip, she was set on L.A. 041b061a72


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