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Download BETTER 4 Swami Movie

However, the app keeps on bringing new and useful features for its users. WhatsApp has recently has rolled out the animated stickers to its users across the globe. Now, if you are wondering how to download and use stickers on WhatsApp then you can use this article as a reference.

Download 4 Swami Movie

Using frames taken from the movie, it was possible to determine the time elapsed as the free end of the fibers passes over the gap between the two electrodes. This is a very fast movement, where the fiber connects the electrodes, which are separated by 1 cm, in less than 1 millisecond. The relation between the position of the fiber and the corresponding time is represented in the plot of Figure 3c. The linear variation of the distance travelled by the fiber with time means that the speed of the fiber is constant, and its value was determined as 5.3 m/s.

The alignment of the fibers during the electrospinning process, in relation to the electrodes, was also determined from the recorded movie by measurement of the angle formed by the fiber and one of the electrodes. These values as a function of time are represented in Figure 3d, considering that a fiber parallel to the electrodes forms an angle of 0 and a fiber perpendicular with the electrodes corresponds to an angle of 90. It is possible to observe that the speed of alignment decreases when the fiber is near its final position. Perfect alignment of the fibers was never observed; nevertheless, good alignment was achieved, with the values of the angles formed between fiber and electrode as high as 88.2.


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