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Liquid Soul And Solid Blood [Yaboku]: A Novel-Inspired Album by Hello Sleepwalkers

Hello Sleepwalkers - Liquid Soul And Solid Blood [Yaboku].epub: A Review

If you are a fan of Japanese alternative rock music, you might have heard of Hello Sleepwalkers, a five-member band from Okinawa that has been active since 2008. They are known for their experimental and progressive sound, as well as their catchy and meaningful lyrics. One of their most popular works is Liquid Soul And Solid Blood [Yaboku], an album that was released in 2014 and inspired by a novel of the same name. In this article, I will review this album and explain why it is a masterpiece of rock music.

Hello Sleepwalkers - Liquid Soul And Solid Blood [Yaboku].epub


What is Hello Sleepwalkers?

Hello Sleepwalkers is a band that consists of Shuntaro (vocals, guitar, leader), Narumi (guitar, vocals), Tasoko (guitar), Makoto (bass), and Yuki (drums). They are signed to A-Sketch Music Label and have released five studio albums, two extended plays, four single albums, and ten singles so far. They are best known for performing the opening theme song of the anime Noragami, "Goya no Machiawase" (Midnight's Appointment). In November 2018, the band announced their hiatus, but they resumed activity in September 2021.

What is Liquid Soul And Solid Blood [Yaboku]?

Liquid Soul And Solid Blood [Yaboku] is the third studio album by Hello Sleepwalkers, which was released on October 22, 2014. It contains ten tracks, including the singles "Scandalous Prayer" and "Worker Ant". The album title and the songs are based on a novel by Yaboku, a Japanese author who writes dark fantasy stories. The novel tells the story of a boy named Yato who has the power to manipulate blood and a girl named Hiyori who can see spirits. Together, they face various enemies and challenges in a world where gods and demons exist.

The Story of Liquid Soul And Solid Blood [Yaboku]


The album follows the plot of the novel closely, with each song representing a different chapter or scene. The story begins with "Scandalous Prayer", where Yato is summoned by Hiyori after she saves him from a car accident and becomes half-human half-spirit. They form a contract and Yato agrees to help her return to normal. However, they soon discover that there is a conspiracy behind the accident and that they are being hunted by a mysterious organization called "The Order". Along the way, they meet other characters such as Yukine, a spirit who becomes Yato's weapon; Kofuku, a goddess of poverty who is Yato's friend; Bishamon, a war god who holds a grudge against Yato; Kazuma, Bishamon's loyal servant; Nora, Yato's former weapon who has a twisted obsession with him; and Rabo, a rogue god who wants to destroy Yato.


The album portrays the characters' personalities and emotions through the music and lyrics. For example, "Worker Ant" expresses Yato's frustration and loneliness as he struggles to find his purpose and identity as a god. He compares himself to an ant who works hard but is ignored and forgotten by others. "Achilles And Tortoise" depicts the relationship between Yato and Hiyori, who are constantly chasing each other but never reaching each other. They are like the mythical figures of Achilles and the tortoise, who are involved in a paradoxical race. "In The Morning The Two Of Us" shows the bond between Yato and Yukine, who have overcome their conflicts and learned to trust each other. They share a peaceful moment in the morning, feeling grateful for each other's presence.


The album explores various themes such as fate, free will, love, friendship, revenge, betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption. The songs reflect the characters' dilemmas and choices, as well as the consequences of their actions. For instance, "Digi Bowie" questions the role of fate and free will in human lives. It uses the metaphor of a digital bowie knife that can cut through anything, including destiny. It asks whether humans can change their fate or whether they are bound by it. "Ray Of Sunlight" illustrates the theme of love and friendship, as it describes how Hiyori's presence has brightened up Yato's life. It compares her to a ray of sunlight that shines through the darkness and gives him hope and warmth.

The Music of Liquid Soul And Solid Blood [Yaboku]


The album showcases Hello Sleepwalkers' signature style of alternative rock music, which is influenced by various genres such as progressive rock, experimental rock, metal, pop, and folk. The album features complex and diverse arrangements, with multiple layers of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals. The album also incorporates elements of traditional Japanese music, such as shamisen, koto, taiko, and shakuhachi. The album demonstrates the band's musical skills and creativity, as well as their ability to blend different sounds and styles harmoniously.


The album contains ten songs that vary in tempo, mood, and tone. Some songs are fast-paced and energetic, such as "Scandalous Prayer", "Worker Ant", and "Creation". These songs have catchy melodies and powerful riffs that create a sense of excitement and tension. Some songs are slow-paced and emotional, such as "In The Morning The Two Of Us", "Digi Bowie", and "Ray Of Sunlight". These songs have soothing melodies and gentle chords that create a sense of calmness and warmth. Some songs are mid-paced and atmospheric, such as "Achilles And Tortoise", "Desert", and "Transboundary". These songs have intricate melodies and rich textures that create a sense of mystery and depth.


The lyrics of the album are written by Shuntaro and Narumi, who are also the main vocalists of the band. The lyrics are inspired by the novel by Yaboku, but they also add their own interpretations and perspectives to the story. The lyrics are poetic and expressive, using metaphors, imagery, symbolism, and wordplay to convey the messages and emotions of the songs. The lyrics also use some words from the novel's original language, which is a fictional language created by Yaboku. The lyrics are sung in both Japanese and English, with some parts being bilingual or mixed.

The Reception of Liquid Soul And Solid Blood [Yaboku]

Critical acclaim

The album received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised its musical quality, originality, and creativity. The album was ranked as one of the best albums of 2014 by several music magazines and websites, such as Rockin' On Japan, CD Journal, Barks, Natalie Music News, Oricon Style 71b2f0854b


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