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Isaac Martin
Isaac Martin

Session Victim - Dark Sienna ((HOT))

In the sketch book I worked out a range of skin tones using a palette of burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow, permanent rose and titanium white. From these I worked on a rough colour study to see how the skin tones would work with a dark background.

Session Victim - Dark Sienna

In the next session I worked more on the skin tones. In the previous session the different tones were becoming muddied and needed greater contrast. I worked on the left-hand side of the face creating darker shadows around the ear. At this stage I felt that the nose was too long, particularly as the viewpoint was looking down on the model. This, in turn, was making the angle of the mouth problematical and more of a pout than serene smile.

To balance the work that had been done on the face I used the next session to work on the background, neck and clothing. I stayed with the lighter background at this point using a mix of burnt sienna, phthalocyanine blue, cadmium yellow and titanium white. Having applied it across the surface I gently rubbed over this with damp kitchen towel to ensure that some of the texture of the paper still showed through.

For the final session I did more work on the hair adding more strands of pure colour at the sides of the face and a mix of phthalocyanine blue and alizarin crimson for the shadows. I lightened the pony tail which had been too dark. 041b061a72


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