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Where To Buy Tailored Shirts

New York-based menswear startup Proper Cloth makes outstanding online custom dress shirts. Provided you are willing to take the time to get your fit right, you will wind up with durable, stylish and well-fitting dress shirts.

where to buy tailored shirts

Founded by serial British entrepreneur Nicholas Wheeler in 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt is famous for its 4 shirts for $199 deal, which works out to just under $50 per dress shirt. Their shirts have held up exceptionally well for me over the years. (I prefer their extra slim fit, as even the regular slim fit can be blousey.)

The Seattle-based retailer has a large selection of affordable dress shirts for men from their own Nordstrom label as well as from brands like Bonobos, Brooklyn Brigade, English Laundry, Eton, Norse Projects, Rhone, Suitsupply, Ted Baker, Theory, and W.R.K.

Tie Bar makes more than just ties. Founded in 2004, the Chicago-based brand carries affordable but stylish clothing and accessories for men, including a nice selection of dress shirts. (In fact, Tie Bar is a surprisingly-terrific destination for a range of very affordable business casual outfits for men.)

I like that Tie Bar carries a range of basic building blocks, including a nice variety of white shirts (think pinpoint, oxford, herringbone, and textured non-iron), as well as a large selection of colorful patterned and striped button downs.

Brooks Brothers offers a versatile selection of dress shirts for men in 6 different fits including extra-slim, fitted, classic, relaxed and big-and-tall. They also offer a variety of fabrics that dictate price points, from BrooksCool to the Brooks Brothers Luxury Collection to the Golden Fleece collection. Prices range from $69.50 for a Milano slim fit dress shirt to $225 per shirt for the Golden Fleece collection.

Batch specializes in utility shirts. Traditionally, utility shirts are more casual, with a two front pocket design. Batch has a dressed-up line-up of work utility shirts featuring premium materials that could be appropriate for a business casual environment.

Their shirts feature an innovative fit system: Choose from 12 unique options that combine size (tall, average or short) with fit (skinny, slim, athletic or broad) that get you close to a custom fit. (My fit is short and slim, and it really does fit better than off-the-rack shirts.) Their fit system makes it one of the best dress shirts for an athletic build. Professional shirts from $85.

There are countless other online custom tailors who can make made-to-measure dress shirts. Choose from brands including Alton Lane, Apposta, Blank Label, Deo Veritas (see my interview with founder Vinnie Sikka), Hockerty, Indochino, Knot Standard and Lanieri, an Italian startup that delivers custom suits (and shirts) using premium fabrics.

Based in Newark, NJ, the High Bar Shirt Company was a family-owned company that had been making shirts since 1933. The company was known for providing made-to-measure shirts for former MLB and NFL stars and broadcasters including Howie Long and David Ortiz. Sadly, the High Bar Shirt Company closed, another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic that has rocked retail and fashion.

Mizzen and Main is well-known for its performance fabric clothing. It makes a wide range of performance dress shirts for men that feature a quick dry tech fabric made of an 85% Polyester 85% and 15% Spandex 15% blend. Shirts from $125.

Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie founded State and Liberty after meeting at the University of Michigan. They specialize in athletic-fit dress shirts and other professional performance wear made from technical fabrics. Their $90 Springer Solid White Performance Dress Shirt looks crisp and clean.

But no one wants to spend hours of their time or hundreds of their dollars going to a tailor, which has meant that the online market for custom clothing has steadily grown. So, whether you're looking for a super formal suit for a special occasion, performance dress shirts for staying comfortable during the workweek, warm flannels for winter, or chino shorts for casual spring and summer days, you won't even have to leave home to have them made just for you.

You might be able to get away with buying off-the-rack dress shirts, but suits should always be fitted to your body measurements. Indochino has revolutionized the way men buy suits by allowing men to create fully-custom suits online. While you can visit one of Indochino's many showrooms around the country to get fitted, they have detailed videos on how to measure yourself at home, too.

With a seemingly endless amount of materials to choose from, Italian menswear brand Apposta is where you can make pretty much any shirt you can think of. If you have an idea of what you want to create, you can filter through the choices by color, pattern, materials, weave, and even the fabric producer. Whether you're going for a classic white or blue dress shirt, a colorful short-sleeved linen for summer, or a heavier flannel for colder weather, you'll find any style to be completely doable. With materials starting at $78 and going all the way up to $956 (no, that's not a typo), the brand's product offering runs the full gamut between affordable and superb luxury.

Huntsman is dedicated to bespoke tailoring. The made-to-measure services offered by other tailors use a standard-sized base pattern, which is altered to your frame. Some modifications may occur, but you will never truly enjoy that exclusive feeling of wearing a tailored suit. With bespoke tailoring starting from 4200, which is comparable to made-to-measure, you can invest in a bespoke suit that is every bit as unique as you are without compromising on quality.

Huntsman Bespoke provides bespoke tailoring for the time-conscious modern gentleman. This service which is currently available within our bespoke menswear offering. A tailored two-piece suit starts from 4,200 and is delivered within sixteen to twenty weeks. You will enjoy the same peerless quality and prestige you would naturally expect of Huntsman, only optimised for a more convenient bespoke experience, available within specific cloth bands. Every measurement and cut of your bespoke suit is made at our esteemed 11 Savile Row premises.

As many as 80 hours are dedicated to making your tailored suit. A culmination of these hours of handwork comes to fruition when you see your garment at the final fitting. The garment is now complete, pressed and with buttons added. you can expect to take it away on the final fitting.

With the same one-button house style, The Weekend Cut was created by Huntsman Head Cutter and Creative Director Campbell Carey, and boasts the same construction and integrity of a traditional bespoke tailored blazer, only with a fit and feel as comfortable as your favourite cardigan.

Forget about standard-sized shirts; it's time for your own Custom Made Dress Shirt. Remember that we only provide made to measure shirts. You are special and deserve a Tailored Shirt created to your measurements and designed by you. That's why Hockerty is the best shirtmaker online.

The shirt is the garment that has always distinguished men's fashion: an elegant, refined but also suitable for the most casual occasions. In fact, one should not fall into the mistake of thinking that all shirts are the same. On the contrary, there are different types of shirt, and each one has its own characteristics, the way to wear it and combinations, in some cases recommended, in others obligatory and in others to be absolutely avoided.

For example, you could be a bit taller than the average man who shares your chest size, leaving your shirts feeling short and pulling out of your pants all day when you want them to stay tucked in. You could be slimmer or broader than the average man. Your chest could be larger or your shoulders wider, causing shirts to stretch or fit incorrectly. There are myriad ways bodies differ from the average size used to mass-produce the dress shirts you find in stores.

When you buy custom dress shirts, you have the option of what material will be used. There are many options to select, from high-quality natural cotton to durable blended materials or the finest linens on the market.

Another great benefit of having custom dress shirts is that you get to choose all of the details and specifications of your shirt after you pick out your chosen fabric. When you buy in a menswear or department store, you are stuck with whatever the manufacturer chose.

On the very affordable end, Ginza Tailor Fukuoka have full suits starting at 30,000 including fabric, tailoring and tax. Located in Shinjuku they have a rather traditional selection as well as ready-made shirts to help keep the costs down. They have an English selection menu and speak basic English too. Check out their website here for more details.

As for custom-made suits, there are few details such as fabric, tailoring and accessories, that make the difference in defining the price of a tailored shirt. These three elements denote the quality of the garment and also define its value.

Compared to Europe, USA and Canada, tailored clothes in Hoi An are just a fraction of the price. In Hoi An, the prices are not only cheaper but the products are also of good quality. There is a good balance of high-end tailor shops and there are other tailor shops that are cheap and can perfectly make basic clothes.

For the last 500 years, Hoi An traders specializing in tailored clothes have been improving their craftsmanship and perfecting their service. As their reputation for custom made clothing grew internationally, Hoi An became known as the textile capital of Vietnam.

Had ordered several shirts from a company I have done business for years. Then finally ordered four from your firm.Night and day. The quality, the material, just got them back from the dry cleaners before I wear them (light starch).I didn't even mind the extra cost for pockets.Have recommended your firm to several of my associates.London calling. You got my number.At my age, especially because I now live in South Florida, the window to wear them is somewhat limited. But that time of year has come and so, I will and look forward to how they make me feel and the reaction from those who see me in them.That being said, I feel personally the it is the man who makes the clothes.As my late mother often told me, "better to own one good timeless item". 041b061a72


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