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Murad Alexandrov
Murad Alexandrov

KMS Client Emulator V10: A Simple Solution for Volume License Activation

A KMS client connects to a KMS server (the activation host), which contains the host key the client uses for activation. Once KMS clients are validated, the Microsoft product on those clients contacts the server every 180 days (6 months) to maintain its validity. However, a KMS set-up is only viable for large organizations with Volume Licensed (VL) Microsoft products.

KMS Client Emulator V10 For Increasing KMS Server Client Count

New feature Experimental support for leveraging Snowflake Java UDF for exporting ML models to Snowflake functions that can be reused by any Snowflake user or client application. Requires Snowflake Java UDF (preview) on Snowflake side.

These numbers are based on 512x512 pixel tiles, which are displayed in Mapbox GL-based map clients. The per-pixel value will be different for tiles served by the Mapbox Raster Tiles API, which are 256x256 pixels by default. To determine the per-pixel value for 256x256 tiles, take the zoom level you're interested in and look at the row above it.


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